Introducing Hermes

Today, we are very pleased to announce Hermes, a new open source messaging system based on the well know Publish/Subscribe pattern.

The project was born as part of one of the projects at Tellago and after a while we decided to refactor and make it available and opensource for everyone. I have been working in this project with Silvio Massari, Gustavo Machado and Vishal Mody as part of the open source initiative of Tellago; named Tellago Dev Labs. There are other two masterminds behind this project that I’d like to mention: Jesus Rodriguez and Pablo Cibraro.

The power of Hermes resides in its simple RESTfull API documented here. Messages are POSTed in to different topics and subscribers polls an atom feed of the topics they are interested in. Hermes comes with a very basic administration web portal and a c# client library as example.

Hermes uses MongoDb as a backend storage for messages and it was built on .Net/c# using the new WCF Web API and Structure Map among other technologies.

Our roadmap is:

  • Enhance the REST api.
  • Add more use cases and reports to the web portal
  • Build a Javascript client library
  • Build an example application
  • Setup an Hermes instance on the cloud (azure or amazon ec2)
  • Explore new messaging patterns

If you want to explore Hermes please read the wiki pages and the suite of tests.
As any open source project we look forward to receive your feedback!

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