PsGet.Net a repository of reusable powershell modules

I love internet. Few MINUTES after I published one of my previous posts Sharing powershell scrtips easily I received a comment from Mike Chaliy ;

Hello, if you do not mind I added PsWatch to PsGet ;). Now if somebody have psget installed, Install-Module pswatch will do job.

Of course I didn’t mind! In fact I love to discover things in this way.

This is something really needed in the powershell echosystem; a centralized place to share reusable things.

PsGet is a powershell pure-module you can easily install it with one line:

(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("") | iex

And then you have to import the module as any other powershell module before using it:

Import-Module PsGet

and then you can start using it. There is only one important command for now which is Install-Module. For instance if you want to install my PsWatch script, you do:

Install-Module PsWatch

and you are done!


Another interesting thing about PsGet is that you don’t need to publish something to the repository in order to install it. You can use the modifiers -ModuleName to set the name of the module, and -ModuleUrl to provide an url where the module content is served as plain text:

Install-Module -ModuleUrl -ModuleName my-module

If you want to take a look to the scripts already published you can look here.

Things to improve

One of the things that needs more work I think is to descentralize the directory. Right now the only way to publish something is to fork Mike repository, edit the directory.xml file and push-request him.

But so far is looking really good, well done Mike!

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