How I use Jing to add screenshots in markdown

Since I started to use Jekyll for this blog, one of the things that I miss was the way I was “pasting” screenshots in my posts:

  • Take a screenshot with Jing
  • Save it locally
  • Insert it in the blog post (with Windows live writer)

The first posts that I wrote in markdown, I did something crazy: I uploaded the file using filezilla to my old ftp and then figure out what was the url to that image, and then the markdown syntax.

Now, Jing has a very handy option to add a new button, first I went to Preferences and then to Customize Buttons:


Next I added a new button with these settings:


  1. Button type: FTP
  2. My FTP settings connection settings
  3. After the screenshot is uploaded, I want the piece of markdown in my clipboard ready to paste. This include the markdown syntax with the full url to the image.

And now I can take a screenshot with a key combination, then click a button and get the markdown code ready to paste! I think is even easier than with the old WLW :).

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