Continuous testing in node with supervisor

I have been using a little module from Isaac Schlueter named Supervisor for continuous testing.

Suppose you have a Makefile like this:

REPORTER ?= spec

	@clear && reset
	./node_modules/.bin/mocha --reporter $(REPORTER)

.PHONY: all test clean

You can add another target as follows:

	./node_modules/.bin/supervisor -q -n exit -e 'node|js|json|config' -x make test

The parameters means:

  • q: quiet (supress debug messages)
  • n: no restart on exit
  • e: watch for changes in these extensions
  • x: the executable for this will be make
  • test: the name of the thing we want to execute with make

This works pretty well for me, mocha has an option for continuous testing -w but it is very broken because it runs everything on the same node process.

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