Caliburn.ModelFramework with only one interceptor

I’ve started a project in WPF and I’m learning Caliburn. I really like the way it handle the presentations patterns.
In this post I will show you a way to implement a ModelFramework based model with castle DynamicProxy2.

You can see a basic implementation here (extracted from the Lob Sample for WPF):

If you write your model in this way, you have:
-Automatic INotifyPropertyChanged behaviour.
-Automatic IEditableObject behaviour.
-Automatic n - Undo/Redon behaviour.
-other things.

I've already implemented the first two features with a Castle IInterceptor’s and DynamicProxy.
I will like to achieve the same result without implementing anything.

This is the model:

public interface ICustomer
    string Name { get; set; }
    string Address { get; set; }

public interface IEditableCustomerModel : ICustomer, IModel

Note: IModel is from Caliburn.ModelFramework.

The picture:


The ModelInterceptor class will intercept the properties invocation and use the getvalue and setvalues of the ModelBase target.

The ModelHelper class generates the proxy as follows:

IEditableCustomerModel customerModel = 
    ModelHelper.CreateModel<IEditableCustomerModel, ICustomer>();

This test is working properly:
public void can_undo_simple_property_change()
    var undoRedoManager = new UndoRedoManager();
    var customerModel = 
        ModelHelper.CreateModel<IEditableCustomerModel, ICustomer>();



    customerModel.Name = "Jose";

    //First I change the name to "Bill"
    customerModel.Name = "Bill";
    Assert.That(customerModel.Name, Is.EqualTo("Bill"));

    //Ups, No I say "Pedro".
    customerModel.Name = "Pedro";
    Assert.That(customerModel.Name, Is.EqualTo("Pedro"));

    //No, his name is "Andy".
    customerModel.Name = "Andy";
    Assert.That(customerModel.Name, Is.EqualTo("Andy"));

    //No, his name is bill so I will click undo twice.
    //One undo for pedro.
    Assert.That(customerModel.Name, Is.EqualTo("Pedro"));
    //Two undo for Bill
    Assert.That(customerModel.Name, Is.EqualTo("Bill"));

    //No... HIS NAME IS PEDRO!
    Assert.That(customerModel.Name, Is.EqualTo("Pedro"));


    Assert.That(customerModel.Name, Is.EqualTo("Jose"));

Importat Note: The implementation is working with the castle trunk R5846 thank you Krzysztof Koźmic!!
If you want the full code leave a comment with your email (or private) and I will send you.

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