Introducing my new Visual Studio extension: NestIn

Sometime ago I noticed that Visual Studio has a very nice feature that allows you to nest any file in any other. From the point of view of the Solution Explorer any file can be child of any other, that's the way that generated code work for WPF, Winforms, and even ASP.Net files.

But there is not an easy way to use this feature arbitrary on any type of file, or classes and classes, so why not build a VSPackage?

Well, this is the result of few hours of thinking.

Step 1 : Select the files to nest

First child, next the root is the preferred way.



Step 2 : Nest in!



Step 3 : Select the root or use the suggested







Do I need this extension to see the files nested?
You don’t, this extension use a pretty standard feature of visual studio. The extension is only for doing the nest.

Where do I get this thing?
Download the bits right from the Visual Studio gallery!
The source code is here.

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