Introducing Moesion

Today Tellago Studios is very pleased to announce Moesion lets IT Pros to manage their servers and cloud infrastructures from smartphones or tablets.

What you can do?

Initially Microsoft servers and Azure are supported, you can manage IIS, Sql Server, SharePoint, BizTalk and Windows Azure from your phone. Not only that you can manage all these applications, but also you can upload and share your custom scripts. Those scripts are simple parameterized Powershell scripts.

Moesion has also an online store where you can get instant access to thousands of scripts to meet your needs.

How does it works?

Moesion is a cloud based SaaS solution. The process to get Moesion working is quite straightforward:

  • Create an account in the main website
  • Sign in with your new account
  • Download an small msi installer from your dashboard.
  • Install the host in your servers
  • done! you can now manage your servers from your phone or tablet

One of the areas where Moesion really shines is that you don’t need to open any port, configure any firewall, router, etc. Moesion uses an innovative push technology on the cloud to make this possible. It will simple work. More details in Pablo’s blog.

The interface

Instead of using a Remote Desktop interface which is not so good on tablet and phones; Moesion comes with a touch-first mobile interface to manage your servers quickly and secure.



The interface is full HTML5 and Javascript. We are constantly testing it against all major browsers, devices and versions.


You can compare the different editions here. There is also a free edition that you can use to test it!


I have been working on this project for the past two months with an amazing team at Tellago Studios; Gustavo Machado, Pablo Cibraro, Jesus Rodriguez, Chris Love, Vishal Mody, Adrian Lopez and Leandro Diaz Guerra.

I have been learning a lot, specially regarding client-side Javascript and I hope to have some time to share some gems here!

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