Solving UTF problem with Jekyll on Windows

As I mention before I am running this blog with Jekyll. I noticed a problem while trying to execute the blog from windows:

Liquid Exception: incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and IBM437 in index.html

After further investigation I found that this problem means that the console you are trying to run ruby doesn't work with UTF characters ( ? ). The way you can fix this is to set the code-page before running the jekyll command, simple execute this:

chcp 65001

Beaware that I tried to set this globally by changing a registry key, and I broke my windows installation... seems that 65001 is not something that you can use globally, so don't do it.

Instead I added a new rake task as follows:

task :runwindows do
    puts '* Changing the codepage'
    `chcp 65001`
    puts '* Running Jekyll'
    `jekyll --server --auto`

and now I can execute jekyll with:

rake runwindows

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