Continuous Testing scripts with Growl

Few days ago I discover Growl in twitter thanks to Will Green. Growl is an open source notification system for Mac OS X. Basically it runs in the background and show the notifications sent by other programs.

I was thinking to add something like this few month ago to my continuous testing scripts for javascript but I didn't know about this software and even less than there is a version for windows.

So, I start playing with an powershell script I found from an old post of Joel Bennett changed to work with latest version of Growl, and published in PsGet.

If you install Growl, you can use this script as follow:

#Install PsGet
#run this line only if you don't have PsGet.Net already installed in order.
(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("") | iex

#Install Send-Growl
#run this line if you don't have Send-Growl yet 
Import-Module PsGet
Install-Module Send-Growl

#Register the application and add a notice type
Register-GrowlType MyApp NoticeType

#Send a message
Send-Growl MyApp NoticeType "A Title" "Some description" ""

And as a result, you will see something like this:


I use this module in my continuous testing script, when I save a file, the tests suite is executed and it shows me the results as you can see in this mini screencast:


If you want to see how test this or see my javascript continuous testing script looks in my jmail project.

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